Amp Pro Pro Electric is a full service Chaparral, New Mexico based contractor, servicing West Texas and New Mexico.  We are a company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured in both Texas and New Mexico.  Our electrical work is NEC-compliant; and we also abide by city ordinance and/or local codes.

Amp Pro Electric is a family and locally owned business since 2009, however, as for experience, our well skilled master and journeymen electricians combined, account for well over 25+ years' experience.  Amp Pro Electric has an incomparable reputation for having the knowledge and capability to take on numerous distinctive and intricate projects.  The ability to execute from residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services.  

We are the most recognized Electrical and Specialty Service Contractors because of our commitment to excellence, leadership and customer service.  These are vital qualities to successfully manage each project---particularly the million dollar contracts we have effectively completed. Whether you're a business owner, a contractor, or a homeowner, we have the team you need to facilitate the smooth completion of your project in a timely manner.

OUR MISSION  is performance to result in customer service satisfaction, value and safety.  OUR VISION  is to excel expectation in quality of work, recruiting, and retaining people. With that said; our experienced team entails of professionally licensed electricians with outstanding managers and support staff.  Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and high quality workmanship are extraordinary and have allowed the company to grow in New Mexico and West Texas.  OUR  STRATEGIC GOAL  is to be the preferred electrical contractor by choice.  Therefore, our team is dedicated to providing professional assistance in comprehensive pre-construction planning, coordination and project management with respect to critical time schedules and budgets.  We are qualified and equipped to handle the challenges and complexities of any size job.




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"My wife and I hired Amp Pro Electric to remodel our house and we are very content with our choice. They are fast, accurate and professional" - Mr. Medoza, El Paso, TX

“They delivered on time and under budget. Calling them was the best choice I ever could have made!” -Ms. Garcia, El Paso, TX.